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Wedding Georges V Paris

I am off to Scotland for a week, packing woolen attire as it might be a bit chilly. I somehow wish i was on my way to Australia although I do love Scotland. Might just be a bit chilly as i step down the plane.
Regardless, a few photos taken at the Georges V before leaving. Some of the best flower arrangements in Paris.

Jeff Leatham is the Artistic Director for the Four Seasons Hotels.
Jeff Leatham started his floral design career in 1995 at the Four Seasons of Beverly Hills. Without any formal training, Leatham built a name for himself and holds the title as Best Hotel Florist in Europe for the last three years. Jeff Leatham is currently the Artistic Director for the Four Seasons Hotels based in the George V in Paris.

Having been featured in numerous fashion magazines, the celebrity florist is widely known for his sleek aesthetic and passion for design. Leatham uses shapes, color, and simplicity to create powerfully dramatic floral designs. In 2007, Jeff Leatham created a beautiful floral design for Eva Longoria’s wedding to Tony Parker.

Jeff Leatham is becoming a worldwide name and is making a visit to the George V a floral adventure. Forbes magazine shared a recommendation in 2007 from Misty Ewing, spokeswoman for luxury travel network Virtuoso. Ewing noted the George V as a must-visit hotel largely due to Jeff. “All the flowers,” she says, referring to the artistic flower arrangements created by world-renowned floral designer Jeff Leatham. “They’re everywhere and they’re beautiful.

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