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Paris classic Wedding photographer

Paris, Classic wedding photographer, in a few words, short to define what I do best ! And I am often asked… Most of the time, I do have to use a few extra adjectives and be a little more specific to explain what is a true passion for high end, creative, quality photographic work. This is a rare thing these days in wedding photography. Sad though to see that the art of photography and high end wedding photography do not always stand out in people’s mind. With a few $1,000 everyone is a photographer, and more so in wedding photography which i feel is becoming formated! You see the same “Jumps”, same lights, websites, musics and over manipulated photographs with the same effects that are being purchased from the same photographers…
To make it short again, a few photos to show what a true professional photographer can do, showing the essence of a human being and its soul, the joy, the tears, the energy of a fleeting moment in a traditional, classic manner.
In fact, those words find their source in an email that we received this morning “… Nice-Monaco we need photographer … We have limited budget and we are looking for a good deal, hope you will give it to us Many thanks …” just thought I would share those words. Excellence in photography is not always valued or understood by the majority it seems. It is true, I do work for a niche. Regardless, what matters most these days seem to be the budget and i do understand that the right price should be a concern.
When I go to Hermes to buy a scarf, I do not attempt to negotiate the price though. I know that quality is expensive, this is what I go to Hermes for: the quality of their product, their unique craftsmanship.
Now Tea, honey and some music…
We do stand for “Distinction, integrity, luxury, and the satisfying assurance that you are getting the very best.”

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