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Destination wedding France

A few more destination weddings, Black and White photographs to share with lovers of the Art of Photography in France.
We are getting many queries, have booked a few weddings for the 2010 season in the south of France, Italy, New York, Dordogne and Provence and not a single wedding in Paris yet! We are booking plane tickets as well as a few trains rides down the French riviera. It is going to be a gorgeous ride going through hills, waters and valleys…
And by the way, “Crazy Heart” just opened at the theater in Los Angeles and New York. Jeff Bridges, one of my “local hero” plays the main caracter. How am i going to justify my next trip to NYC.
From the NY Times : “Crazy Heart” written and directed by Scott Cooper, is a small movie perfectly scaled to the big performance at its center. It offers some picturesque views of out-of-the-way parts of the American West, but the dominant feature of its landscape is Bad Blake, a wayward, aging country singer played by Jeff Bridges…”
May be it is time for a road trip and I love the soundtrack!

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Destination Wedding Photographer in Paris

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