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Classic 50′s wedding album

I have always gone for simple, classic, natural & elegant wedding style images and have always had in my mind the photographs of jackie kennedy’s wedding. The photograph of Jackie amid the Kennedy’s men is an all time classic iconic wedding image that drew me to direct my photographic career towards photographing elegant weddings. Fashion and style have evolved those past 50 years but those iconic photographs remain as being simply beautiful in my mind. We were lucky enough to photograph such a wedding in the Scenic Pennsylvania Countryside. We produced this classic wedding album made of a tight selection of some 30 5X7in black and white size images with a gorgeous rustic brown cowhide leather which could have come straight from the magnificent 50′s.
Call me old fashion … I love it !

This is the reason why we LOVE super 8mm video. A real beauty ! Later on, there were times she was more famous than her president- JFK introduced himself to an audience in France as “The man who accompanied Jacqueline Kennedy to Paris.”

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Destination wedding photographer Paris France

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