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Destination Weddings from Paris

Your wedding is about a story.

The ability to tell that story, to capture magical moments with the skill of a visual journalist and the sensibility of a lyrical observer, is what we do best. Since 1990, our company has engaged in the fine art of photographic storytelling. As principal of the studio, Olivier Lalin has always held the vision not only to document life’s important events but also to evoke both the expansive and intimate details of an instant. To show not just the dress or flowers, but life’s most revealing moments.

Today, Olivier Lalin Photographers is a full service studio that continues to preserve the most memorable times in a family’s life — childhood, wedding, special celebrations — in an elegant, refined style. We invite you to take a moment to browse our portfolios at to gain a sense of our breadth of work.

Black and White wedding

A destination wedding and a few classic Black and White photographs shot in NYC.

Korean wedding photos

Getting married Korean style in Paris. Hanbok (South Korea) or Chosŏn-ot (North Korea) is the traditional Korean dress. It is often characterized by vibrant colors and simple lines without pockets. Although the term literally means “Korean clothing”, hanbok today often refers specifically to hanbok of Joseon Dynasty and is worn as semi-formal or formal wear during traditional festivals and celebrations.
Simply quite stunning and worn with so much grace!
Those Parisian wedding photographs were taken on a walk around the Seine earlier in spring.

Fine wedding photographs

A few wedding photographs shot at the Palais Royal in Paris. Those wedding photographs were taken with Tri X black and White film. Why dont I shoot digital and convert the photos to black and white. Well because you will at best imitate something that cannot be copied. The quality of this film is superbe with a beautiful tonality, grain and contrast. It is expensive, time consuming but it is a high quality, a fine product like anything we do.

Rocking wedding photography

I just had a nice conversation with a bride who is looking for her wedding photographer. She was asking to describe my photographic style and why should she use me rather then another wedding photographer !
To put it in a few words : experience, passion, skill & enthusiasm. When you have photographed that many weddings in 18 years of photography, you have gained the experience which is a very precious tool. Taking a photograph becomes second nature. The camera is simply an extension to one’s body and mind.
My dentist is 62 and I love the guy !! And the average age of an Air France pilot who flies transatlantic is 55.
I am fast & efficient, photography is a fun experience for you, family and guests because your photographer laugh, plays & get everyone to relax in front of the lens and the result is always striking. You may call it professionalism which is a rare thing in wedding photography in France i realized.
I do not have to think about technicalities, what’s going to happen next, how to tackle a group portrait, whether it is time to be discreet or rather lively or whether the mother of the bride is camera shy. I have photographed large and intimate weddings in far away destination of various religions, cultural background, ethnic group. I am fluent in two languages and wear a clown noise with ease.
Voila! in a few words how to best describe what i do and why to use us. And to best describe my photographic style a few wedding photographs taken in Paris.

Plaza Athenee

A few wedding portraits taken at the Plaza Athenee in Paris.
Located at 25 Avenue Montaigne, ultra chic palace from the Dorchester Collection. It reminds me of the Plaza in NYC with so many wonderful memories. Alain Ducasse has his Parisian stronghold at the Plaza. Simply somptious … Ducasse places a special emphasis on “rare and precious ingredients,” whipping up flavorful and very expensive combinations of caviar, lobster, crayfish, truffles (both black and white), and shellfish. Cuisine is vaguely Mediterranean and decidedly contemporary. You can tell I am a fan! I actually had the pleasure to photograph his New York City empire on a couple of occasions for Gourmet Traveller.
Back to wedding photography and more photos of this wedding later on, in Black and White this time with my old time favorite. Tri-X grainy film.

Portraits in Paris

Pre wedding portraits in Paris are the most fun thing to do ! Actually any type of portraiture, let it be with family members or your lover. As to the season, I would say anytime would just be a wonderful experience. And if it rains, I have this tune coming to my mind : “Lets sing it in the rain” and we do have some cool umbrellas. And again it never rains in Paris.

Wedding Georges V Paris

I am off to Scotland for a week, packing woolen attire as it might be a bit chilly. I somehow wish i was on my way to Australia although I do love Scotland. Might just be a bit chilly as i step down the plane.
Regardless, a few photos taken at the Georges V before leaving. Some of the best flower arrangements in Paris.

Jeff Leatham is the Artistic Director for the Four Seasons Hotels.
Jeff Leatham started his floral design career in 1995 at the Four Seasons of Beverly Hills. Without any formal training, Leatham built a name for himself and holds the title as Best Hotel Florist in Europe for the last three years. Jeff Leatham is currently the Artistic Director for the Four Seasons Hotels based in the George V in Paris.

Having been featured in numerous fashion magazines, the celebrity florist is widely known for his sleek aesthetic and passion for design. Leatham uses shapes, color, and simplicity to create powerfully dramatic floral designs. In 2007, Jeff Leatham created a beautiful floral design for Eva Longoria’s wedding to Tony Parker.

Jeff Leatham is becoming a worldwide name and is making a visit to the George V a floral adventure. Forbes magazine shared a recommendation in 2007 from Misty Ewing, spokeswoman for luxury travel network Virtuoso. Ewing noted the George V as a must-visit hotel largely due to Jeff. “All the flowers,” she says, referring to the artistic flower arrangements created by world-renowned floral designer Jeff Leatham. “They’re everywhere and they’re beautiful.

Wedding in Super 8MM

One of my favorite super 8mm short wedding film with a song from Edith Piaf. Quite retro and I love it !

Chateau d’ermenonville

The chateau d’ Ermenonville has been part of the precious wedding memories I have, going back some 20 years. I remember going to Ermenonville as a young photographer to photograph one of my first wedding and it is always a pleasure to return. Madame Theraud is a wonderful host and i am certainly looking forward to my next visit. I hope you will enjoy looking at those photos as much as i had taking them.
The wedding ceremony took place at the Paris Romanian orthodox church which has a gorgeous interior in the 5th arrondissement of Paris.

Chateau de Changy

The Chateau de Changy is definitely one of my “favorite.” Located in Gy les Nonains, some 150km south of Paris, It is a Classic & Chic French mansion with an amazing contemporary art collection on its wall. Burgundy wines and the Loire vallee castles are quite close as well as the international gold of Vaugouard.
Love it …
Here are a few portraits of a couple taking there a few months back.