05 Nov 2008

Cosmopolitan and global traveller, Olivier Lalin is a French photographer. Welcome to Olivier’s virtual studio, where you will find portfolio and reviews of his work. He has run a successful photographic business over the past 18 years, providing high-end photographic services for corporate, editorial and advertising clients. He is the winner of two European press awards: The Ilford Award (juried by Robert Doisneau), and the El Pais Award for best photo essay. His personal work has been published in art magazines such as Black and White, wherein a series of images on the French cabaret Moulin Rouge appeared alongside an essay by Steven Todd, editor-in-chief of Spoon Magazine. He is also a frequent contributor to Marie Claire, Stern, El Pais, The Australian, Gourmet Traveller, and Wine Magazine, as well as the alternative publications Cool’eh and Vice.