05 Nov 2008

“Boudoir” is a place where inhibitions disappear, a place where your allure and sensuality are revealed in elegant and tasteful fine art portraits.
Boudoir photography is all about attitude and little to do with your age, figure or clothing.
Body language and facial expressions are the key to having sexy portraits.
Your session can be in our studio, your home, or a private location of your choice. Sessions last up to two hours and are customized to meet your wishes- it’s your time to let loose and have fun. Before your shoot, relax in a setting dimly lit by candles, while enjoying a glass of wine.
All sessions are personalized to your wishes. Boudoir means different things to different people and can range from being fully clothed to semi-nude to nudes. My goal is to create a comfortable environment for you to express yourself the way you want.

Intimate and tasteful photographs that capture your true beauty.

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